I wake up this morning reflecting on the past year and there is one word that comes to mind, growth.  I'm observing that I've grown as a person (literally).  As I continue to tip the server's at our favorite spots in town I find myself also tipping the scales.  When Mac and I first started dating we went for 2 mile runs, attended kickboxing classes, group workouts, and made a pact that we would forever be healthy.  Those moments are in the rearview mirror and the object appearing larger in it looks like me.

Why is fitness so hard?  Maybe it's because I want instant results.  Or maybe it's because I find exercising and eating healthy foods to be really boring.  Regardless of the answer I can't be the only one who feels this way about fitness. Gym visits now are not under my own volition. It's Mac begging me to go and I'm OK with that if the basketball court is open.  Basketball is something I enjoy and it counts as physical activity right?  One time Mac dragged me to the gym and the courts were closed.  I walked up to Mac as she's sweating on the stair master to tell her I was leaving to shop around at a Roses nearby.  An hour later she calls after looking relentlessly for me in the gym. What she thought she heard me say was I'm going to plant some roses, our code phrase for pooping.  These are the adventures of Corn and Mac and this is the fitness slump I've succumbed to.  She made me go back in the gym that day to run and she ran with me because we're a team.  She's always been there to pick me up and I reciprocate.  Now that our work schedules are drastically different it's been a while since either of us has checked into fitness world.  

One thing about us both is we hate losing (except weight of course).  You would know if you saw us after our intense rock, paper, scissor challenges to figure out who's driving or what movie to watch.  So what better way could there be for us to get back on the fitness wagon than having a little friendly competition.

Mac, in honor of our pact to forever be healthy I challenge you to a game of biggest loser. Winner will be decided by whoever loses the most weight in the next 90 days.  Loser will act on any and all winner requests for a full day.

See ya at the gym. 

We'll report on the winner May 5th.  Maybe a FB Live event?  We'll see.

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