Go back to y̶o̶u̶r̶ (the) country

#45's travel ban 2.0 today really got me thinking about what President Obama should have done with his own executive orders.  Honestly he could have done us all a favor by enacting his own travel ban. One that would really make this country safe maybe for the first time ever in its history.  A ban that gives a little something something for the people who like to yell, "go back to your country". I'm talking a travel ban that would be strictly imposed on the racist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamaphobic, sexist, bigots living out in the countryside of Amerikkka.  Like the ones in Georgia who were just sent to prison for crashing a black kids birthday party by yelling racial slurs and making death threats.  

Now I know all bigots aren't MAGA yelling, gun toting, Confederate flag waving, pick up truck driving, raised in a barn, 700 club binge watching, tobacco chewing, occupiers of the rural lands of Amerikkka.  The same way I know all "The African Americans" don't eat watermelon and live in the inner city. So for a moment really try to imagine. Imagine how much better America would be or the world would be if we just limited travel under this ban to the end of their driveways.  Mentally bigots don't think about a world beyond their front yard so why should we let them travel past it.  

Sometimes it's great dreaming about an alternative world where racists don't exist beyond their countryside mailbox. It's obvious this dream won't be coming true anytime soon under #45. In fact the complete opposite is happening. Until the time comes when there is such a ban, I have a simple message for those bigots who feel it's OK to venture out in town and act like your klancestors.  Go back to the country.


Cornell Watson2 Comments