"DAMN" Kendrick

Alive, still active in competition with a chance of victory.  I start with this clarification to reinforce the following statement, Kendrick Lamar is the best rapper alive.  Now before you counter my argument with Jay-Z, Nas, or Eminem; it's important to consider the first four words in this definition of alive.

Is Michael Jordan the best basketball player alive or of all-time? He's not actively competing; so the best player alive award goes to Lebron, but that's another conversation.

There is a glaring correlation between majority of today's commercial radio rappers and neighborhood curbsides on Tuesday mornings, it's either hot trash or recycled garbage.  Desiigner, Rich Homie Quan, and Young Thug; trash!  If this new age of mumbling over hideous beats is your thing then that's cool, do your thing. I believe they should label it with the same surgeon general warnings you see on cigarettes, but let me step off my mumble rapping soapbox.  

Kendrick is a breath of fresh air among this league of dim garbling so called rappers.  Today K dot released a bundle of brilliance that solidifies his title as best rapper alive. Fourteen tracks of pure artistry with features from some of my favorite artists.  9th wonder, Steve Lacy, Alchemist, Kaytranada, and BadBadNotGood all contribute a slice of audible appeal to this masterpiece.  Thank you 9th for sneaking that Hiatus Kaiyote sample on "DUCKWORTH", I love that band.

"DAMN" Kendrick, you did not disappoint.


Cornell WatsonComment